Collier Lumpkin

Working as a freelance food and travel storyteller for brands around the world, my work mirrors the world I love - a delicious blend of words and images that highlight the vastness of our wonderful world.

I am a Virginian with Italian sensibilities, living and working based in New York City, largely inspired by the idea of living a calm life in a chaotic city, and traveling as much as possible to cultivate a deep sense of culinary wonder.

For me, my life is about being present - with each bite and each sight, we are connected to the land and the people who grow the food and the life that sustains us. I want a life full of more inchworms than internets, more spinach than speed. My work savors that calm connection that good food brings, wherever we are.

With classical culinary training from the French Culinary Institute and ALMA Scuola di Cucina Italiana, and photography and food styling training from The Institute of Culinary Education, I am grounded in both centuries-old technique and modern whimsy. I collect wooden dishware, tarnished serving spoons, and beautifully designed cookbooks. I believe we should all eat more greens, and strawberries, and bacon. And obviously, chocolate. 

I love late Tuesday nights spent in empty corner restaurants, and early Saturday mornings exploring the Campo di'Fiori farmers market. My work is a smorgasbord of life - of images and stories and memories - of the moments that are shaped around simple, lovely food.